New “Super Prime” Building Going up Downtown

by | Feb 25, 2016 | The CW6

SAN DIEGO – Over the last couple of decades, plenty of luxurious high-rise condo and apartment buildings have been built in downtown San Diego. But nothing like what’s rising in the sky right now at the corner of Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway.

Right now, it looks like any big construction site, rebar and a wooden frame starting to rise into the sky. But when it’s finished, the 41-story Pacific Gate building won’t look like anything San Diego’s ever seen before.

“Water was their inspiration. You can see by the curves on the building and they ended up with something that is truly going to redefine the skyline of downtown San Diego,” said Rick Davis, Pacific Gate’s director of sales.

High-end retail will occupy the building’s first floor. There will be a pool, surrounded by cabanas. Not far from the building site, Pacific Gate has opened up a downtown sales center. Inside, there are mock-ups of what some of the rooms will look like. Premium materials all around, high-end appliances. All of it adds up to a building known in the real estate world as “super prime.”

“The best real estate in the best location in the best cities on the planet,” is how Rick Davis describes super prime buildings.

Ah yes, location, location, location. Residents of Pacific Gate will have quite the view. Depending on where they are in the building, the sights outside will be stunning whether it’s downtown or the bay. “It’s what they refer to as kind of the head of Broadway or the gateway to downtown,” Davis said.

But Pacific Gate is about much more than just a beautiful, high-end building. Among the many amenities residents will enjoy is the use of a yacht and a fleet of luxury vehicles.

Other super prime buildings are found in places like New York City, London and Dubai. So the fact that Nat Bosa, a world-renowned developer of super prime buildings, chose San Diego for Pacific Gate says a lot about how far American’s Finest City has come.

“I believe it’s a sign that San Diego’s really arrived. It’s truly an international city,” said high-end realtor Seth O’Byrne of Pacific-Sotheby’s real estate.

Of course, most of us aren’t in the income bracket that will allow us to buy a condo in Pacific Gate. But O’Byrne said the kind of people that will buy here will benefit downtown businesses. “It’s bring more dollars into our downtown. I think it’s gonna help the retail businesses, it’s gonna help the hospitality industry, so I think on a whole it’s going to help everybody in San Diego,” O’Byrne said.

So, how much will it cost you to live at Pacific Gate? 2 and 3-bedroom units will start at 1.3 million dollars and go up into the mid-fours. Construction should be complete by the end of next year.

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